Lifting Capacity

Coffing Hoist Lifting Capacities

Whether you need a 1/4 ton hoist for intricate tasks or a 5-ton hoist for large-scale operations, or anything in between, each capacity serves a distinct purpose.

coffing jlc electric chain hoist

1/4 Ton Hoists

Navigating the nuanced domain of lightweight lifting, the 1/4 ton hoists stand as a testament to Coffing’s dedication to precision and adaptability. Designed for tasks that require careful balance and meticulous handling, these hoists provide the perfect solution for operations where a delicate touch is as crucial as the lift itself.

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coffing jlc electric chain hoist

1/2 Ton Hoists

Half-ton hoists are perfectly suited for jobs that require a delicate balance of strength and precision. Common settings for these hoists include jewelry-making studios where heavy materials may be processed, artisanal woodworking shops for handling sizable timber pieces, and even in certain theatrical settings for stage equipment adjustments.

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1 Ton Hoists

Hoists with a capacity of 1 ton and less are ideal for light industrial applications, small workshops, and maintenance tasks. They are often found in auto repair shops for engine lifts and in small manufacturing units where moderate lifting is required. These hoists also come in handy in residential settings for tasks such as tree removal or garage-based projects.

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2 Ton Hoists

2-ton hoists are used in industries that deal with heavier loads but do not require excessive capacity. For instance, they are common in medium-scale manufacturing units, construction sites for lifting materials like bricks and beams, and in warehouse settings for stacking and moving goods. Their versatility makes them a favorite in many industries where moderate weight handling is a norm.

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3 Ton Hoists

3-ton hoists serve the needs of large-scale industries, including shipbuilding, heavy machinery manufacturing, and infrastructure projects. They are also crucial in transport and logistics sectors, helping in loading and unloading heavy goods. Moreover, they are often found in bigger construction sites where large materials such as steel beams and large equipment need to be elevated.

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4 Ton Hoists

Hoists with a 4-ton capacity are designed for exceptionally heavy-duty tasks. Large manufacturing facilities, especially in the metal and automotive sectors, find these hoists invaluable. Additionally, they are used in dockyards for container handling and in heavy machinery plants where parts or even entire machines need to be moved or assembled.

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5 Ton Hoists

Hoists with a capacity of 5 tons and more are indispensable in mega industries and projects. They play a critical role in sectors like mining, where they’re used to elevate extracted ores or minerals. Heavy-duty manufacturing, especially aerospace and shipbuilding, also rely on these hoists. Furthermore, large energy projects such as windmill installations use these hoists for lifting heavy components into place.

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