Manual Chain Hoist (Discontinued)

G Series Lever Hoist

Coffing G Series ratchet lever hoists were efficient and durable, featuring malleable iron roller chain. Roller chain, often referred to as bicycle chain, can be spliced to create longer lifts and can handle higher capacities than coil chain. G Series hoists were ideal for utility transmission and distribution work.

coffing g-series lever hoist

Features & Benefits

G Series Lever Hoist Specs


  • Capacities: Rated loads from 3/4 to 15 tons.
  • Rugged: Unit and handle made from malleable iron. Riveted construction makes the unit tamper resistant.
  • Free Chaining: Free-chaining mechanism allows quick and easy take-up and positioning of slack chain. Hoist will not free chain when under load.
  • Handle Stops: Prevent handle from spinning if it is accidently released by the operator.
  • Single or Double Locking Ratchet and Pawl Design Provides Multiple Rigging Options: Hoist can lift, pull or bind. Can be operated from either side and will work in any position with equal efficiency.
  • Snap Hook and Link: Allows operator to convert unit to the next smallest capacity to provide longer lift and faster operation. Snap hook acts as an end stop and will not pass through the chain sprocket.
  • Adjustable Lift: The lift/reach can be adjusted by adding or removing links.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Lifting Capacities

  • 3/4 Ton
  • 1 1/2 Ton
  • 3 Ton
  • 4 1/2 Ton
  • 6 Ton
  • 9 Ton
  • 11 Ton
  • 13 Ton
  • 15 Ton

Additional Options

  • Bullard Hooks
  • Bronze Hooks
  • Zinc-Plated Hooks