Lifting Capacity

Coffing 4 Tons Hoists

Hoists with a 4-ton capacity are designed for exceptionally heavy-duty tasks. Large manufacturing facilities, especially in the metal and automotive sectors, find these hoists invaluable. Additionally, they are used in dockyards for container handling and in heavy machinery plants where parts or even entire machines need to be moved or assembled.

coffing g-series lever hoist

Where They're Used

4 Ton Applications

4-ton hoists are the epitome of strength for heavy-duty industrial tasks. Industries relying on these know the importance of handling colossal weights and the importance of selecting the right capacity for seamless operations. Without the correct hoist capacity, such tasks could face hurdles, delays, or potential safety concerns.

  • Metal processing units
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Dockyards for heavy container handling
  • Heavy machinery plants
  • Large storage facilities