Lifting Capacity

Coffing 1 Ton Hoists

Hoists with a capacity of 1 ton and less are ideal for light industrial applications, small workshops, and maintenance tasks. They are often found in auto repair shops for engine lifts and in small manufacturing units where moderate lifting is required. These hoists also come in handy in residential settings for tasks such as tree removal or garage-based projects.

coffing ec electric chain hoist

Where They're Used

1 Ton Applications

For those industries straddling the line between light-duty tasks and heavier operations, a hoist with a capacity of 1 ton or less becomes invaluable. These hoists fit perfectly into spaces where there’s a need for effective lifting without the heft of larger machines. Ensuring you choose this capacity aligns with the demand for moderate lifting, guaranteeing safety and efficacy.

  • Auto repair shops
  • Small to medium manufacturing units
  • Residential construction sites
  • Home improvement projects
  • Equipment maintenance facilities