Lifting Capacity

Coffing 3 Ton Hoists

3-ton hoists serve the needs of large-scale industries, including shipbuilding, heavy machinery manufacturing, and infrastructure projects. They are also crucial in transport and logistics sectors, helping in loading and unloading heavy goods. Moreover, they are often found in bigger construction sites where large materials such as steel beams and large equipment need to be elevated.

coffing ec turnover electric hoist

Where They're Used

3 Ton Applications

When handling significant weight becomes a routine, 3-ton hoists step in as the workhorse. Crucial for large-scale operations, these hoists ensure that immense loads are lifted and transported without compromising on safety. It’s essential to choose this capacity for substantial operations to maintain workflow smoothness.

  • Shipbuilding industries
  • Heavy machinery manufacturing
  • Large-scale construction projects
  • Transport and logistics sectors
  • Infrastructure development