Lifting Capacity

Coffing 5 Ton Hoists

Hoists with a capacity of 5 tons and more are indispensable in mega industries and projects. They play a critical role in sectors like mining, where they're used to elevate extracted ores or minerals. Heavy-duty manufacturing, especially aerospace and shipbuilding, also rely on these hoists. Furthermore, large energy projects such as windmill installations use these hoists for lifting heavy components into place.

lhh 5 ton hand chain hoist

Where They're Used

5 Ton Applications

For industries where colossal weight handling is a norm, hoists with 5 tons or more capacity are not just beneficial but essential. These mega machines ensure that the most immense materials or equipment are managed safely and efficiently. Choosing the right capacity here is critical to prevent potential operational hazards and to ensure industrial scalability.

  • Mining sectors
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding units
  • Large-scale energy projects, like windmill installations
  • Mega construction projects