Lifting Capacity

Coffing 1/4 Ton Hoists

Navigating the nuanced domain of lightweight lifting, the 1/4 ton hoists stand as a testament to Coffing's dedication to precision and adaptability. Designed for tasks that require careful balance and meticulous handling, these hoists provide the perfect solution for operations where a delicate touch is as crucial as the lift itself.

coffing jlc electric chain hoist

Where They're Used

1/4 Ton Applications

In the diverse landscape of industry-specific needs, there lies a niche where delicate handling meets operational efficiency. From art studios delicately positioning masterpieces to electronics manufacturing where precision is paramount, the need for a hoist that balances strength with subtlety is undeniable. The 1/4 ton hoist has emerged as a beacon for such specialized industries, promising both reliability and finesse in every operation.

  • Art studios and galleries
  • Light assembly lines
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Specialty workshops
  • Laboratory equipment handling