Air Chain Hoist (Discontinued)

Coffing CAH Small Frame

The Coffing Model CAH small frame air chain hoists featured accurate load spotting for specialized lifting applications. They were powerful, compact, and came loaded with standard features and additional options. These rugged hoists also came with a lifetime warranty.

coffing cah small frame air hoist

Other Options

CAH Small Frame Alternatives

The Coffing CAH Small Frame Air Hoist is now discontinued. However, there are several suitable alternatives that can be used instead. The Budgit Air hoists are modelled after the Coffing CAH so that is the most comparable product. The Budgit Series 2200 is essentially the same hoist as the CAH Small Frame and the Series 6000 is comparable to the CAH Large Frame.

Features & Benefits

CAH Small Frame Specs


  • Capacities & Lift: Rated loads of 1/4, 1/2, and 1 ton. 10-foot standard lift, longer lifts available.
  • Controls: Pull Cord provides a lightweight, economical option for accurate control of loads. Pendant Throttle provides one-hand control, for ease of operation. 6-foot control drop length for 10-foot lift (4-foot less than lift—standard).
  • Chain Options: Link-type or roller-type load chain.
  • Suspension: Swivel top and bottom hooks with safety latches standard. Rigid top hook, lug, plain, geared, and air motor trolleys available.
  • Compact Construction: Ideal for use in areas with restricted space. Aluminum housing provides strength and portability.
  • Motor: 8-vane motor provides high torque, smooth starting, and excellent load control.
  • Limit Stops: Prevent over-travel in upper and lowering directions.
  • Brake: Heavy-duty shoe-type with proven design for stopping and holding loads. Externally adjustable.
  • Spark Resistant Models: Rated loads of 3/8 and 3/4 ton.
  • Options: Chain container available. Plated chain optional for corrosion resistance.
  • Air Supply: Inlet size: 3/8” NPTF; Supply hose: 1/2” I.D. min. Exhaust: 1/2” NPTF; Consumption: 48 SCFM at 90 PSI.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Lifting Capacities

  • 1/4 Ton
  • 1/2 Ton
  • 1 Ton

Lifting/Lowering Speeds

  • 65/95 FPM
  • 45/120 FPM
  • 23/60 FPM

Type Chain

  • Roller
  • Link