Lifting Capacity

Coffing 2 Ton Hoists

2-ton hoists are used in industries that deal with heavier loads but do not require excessive capacity. For instance, they are common in medium-scale manufacturing units, construction sites for lifting materials like bricks and beams, and in warehouse settings for stacking and moving goods. Their versatility makes them a favorite in many industries where moderate weight handling is a norm.

coffing jlc electric chain hoist

Where They're Used

2 Ton Applications

2-ton hoists strike a balance between medium-heavy lifting requirements. Common in several industries, this capacity ensures tasks are handled efficiently and safely, especially when dealing with substantial materials or goods. Opting for the correct capacity in such cases ensures a streamlined operation and reduced wear and tear.

  • Medium-scale manufacturing units
  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses
  • Automotive assembly lines
  • Dockyards