Manual Chain Hoist (Discontinued)

LSB-C Lever Hoist

Featuring one of the most compact designs in the industry, the Coffing LSB-C was designed for reliability and strength and included added safety, performance, and water-resistant features. With a through-hardened load chain and stamped-steel housing, these ratchet lever hoists were lightweight, durable, and ideal for construction and commercial applications.

coffing lsb-c lever hoist

Features & Benefits

LSB-C Lever Hoist Specs


  • Compact & Rugged Design: Now featuring a shorter lever for 1½-ton units, the full LSB-C hoist portfolio is ideal for use in applications with space constraints and is easy to transport. Also features an impact-resistant, stamped steel housing to withstand rigorous use.
  • Low Pull Force: Simple, low-effort operation. Double-reduction gearing and a short, cushioned-grip handle ensure ease of use with minimal handle effort.
  • Water-Resistant Design: Enclosed-style handwheel protects internal components from water and debris.
  • Easy Free Chaining: A state-of-the-art freewheeling mechanism allows for quick and easy one-handed take up and positioning of slack chain.
  • Improved Safety & Durability: For added safety, the LSB-C now includes a forked latch that allows for better seating of the latch in the hook to prevent disengagement or damage to the latch.
  • Positive Load Control: Enclosed screw-and-disc type load brake stays clean and dry for positive load positioning. Latches on hooks provide positive load engagement.
  • 360 Degree Rotating Handle: The rotating handle provides versatile rigging options when used in confined spaces.
  • Optional Features: Shipyard hooks are available for 1½-ton and 3-ton models. Additional models including a load limiter are available for all capacities. The load limiter alerts operators of a possible overload by allowing the handle to rotate without lifting the higher-than-capacity load.
  • Metric Rated
  • Lifetime Warranty

Lifting Capacities

  • 3/4 Ton (Metric)
  • 1 Ton (Metric)
  • 1 1/2 Ton (Metric)
  • 3 Ton (Metric)
  • 6 Ton (Metric)

Lifting Heights

  • No Chain
  • 5 ft.
  • 10 ft.
  • 15 ft.
  • 20 ft.