Lifting Capacity

Coffing 1/2 Ton Hoists

Half-ton hoists are perfectly suited for jobs that require a delicate balance of strength and precision. Common settings for these hoists include jewelry-making studios where heavy materials may be processed, artisanal woodworking shops for handling sizable timber pieces, and even in certain theatrical settings for stage equipment adjustments.

coffing ed electric chain hoist

Where They're Used

1/2 Ton Applications

Selecting a 1/2 ton hoist is essential for industries that demand precision without compromising on strength. These hoists are often seen as a bridge between personal and industrial use, ensuring the load is light enough for precision yet heavy enough for practical tasks. Picking the right capacity in these situations avoids overburdening or underutilizing the equipment.

  • Artisanal woodworking studios
  • Jewelry-making workshops
  • Theatrical stage setups
  • Small scale manufacturing units
  • Home garages and workshops